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A new book
Love Songs for healing and hope
An encouraging resource book for those
who have experienced loss and sorrow.   

This book is the sequel to “Love Song for a Wounded Warrior”.
In it Fiona discusses the longer term effects of bereavement and trauma,
and shares stories offered by ten colleagues and friends who
have also faced life changing situations. The book is offered as a selection
of resources, blogs and reflections which might be supportive
to those who are finding life tough in these days.  

All proceeds of this book go to charity, split equally between
‘Quiet Waters’ in Camelon, Falkirk, and ‘Richmond’s Hope’,
both charities that provide support to people
who are finding life difficult.    

If you would like to know more, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Copies of the book can be obtained for £15 plus postage from the author at the above email,

or from Handsel Press  https://handselpress.co.uk/ product/love-songs-for-healing-and-hope/
more money will be raised for the two charities
if you approach the author directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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St Margaret'

The congregation of Knightswood St Margaret's was formed in 1925 from those living in the new housing area of Knightswood and worship took place in what is now called the 'small hall' which, from the beginning was a scene of unceasing activity of Sunday School, Girl Guides and Boys' Brigade as well as organisations for adults such as the Woman's Guild.

In 1928, the first steps were taken towards the building of the church as we know it today and the members were much involved in fund raising, e.g. garden fetes, and the 'St Margaret's Market' took place.

On 5th May, 1931, the children of the congregation (for a small sum) were allowed to lay a brick and thus have their place, literally, in the building of the church. The architect of the building was Sir Robert Lorimer, who, unfortunately died in 1929 and so this church remains as one of the last examples of his very distinguished work. The sanctuary of Knightswood St Margaret's Church was dedicated on 2nd April, 1932.

In May, 1982 a union took place between the congregations of St Margaret's and Netherton: St Matthew's, this building becoming the place of worship for the new charge of Knightswood St Margaret's Parish Church

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Temple Anniesland 

At the end of the 19th century Anniesland was an area where coal-pits and quarries, blaes bings and brickworks existed side by side with agricultural land. In 1899, at the Cross itself, there was only a smithy standing in an open field, with farmlands to the east. Bearsden Road did not exist. Great Western Road terminated at the Cross – beyond were green fields where cows grazed and bings of red blaes. The open ground now occupied by the church and hall was actually the site of an old quarry.

During the 1890s a number of people migrated from Maryhill to the district. Among them were members of Maryhill United Presbyterian Church [now Gairbraid Church]. Their minister, the Rev William Duncan, encouraged them and others in the area to petition the UP Presbytery for the opening of a preaching station or ‘church extension’ at Anniesland Cross.

In August 1899 a hall had been built [now the Old Hall] at a cost of £1,450 and church services had begun. The newly formed congregation had 47 members. The building was only a few months old when the union took place between the United Presbyterian Church [to which Anniesland Cross belonged] and the Free Church, to form the United Free Church of Scotland.

The first minister of Anniesland Cross Church was the Rev Robert L Browning MA, who was inducted in June 1900 and served for 25 years. In October 58 people joined the church. As the work of the new charge continued to prosper, it became obvious the hall would soon be too small to accommodate the growing membership.

On 4 November 1905 the memorial stone of a new church building, on the stair leading to the north gallery, was laid by John Stephen of Linthouse, a member of the famous Glasgow ship-building family, who was said to be a strong upholder of the United Free Church. Mrs Eliza Stephen deposited a memorial casket in the wall. No records reveal what is in the casket, so there it remains for a future generation to discover!

Thus, in the space of seven short years, the congregation, through their faith, vision and giving, were able to plant a church at Anniesland Cross. Little did they realise how strategic that location would become as the area developed during the next 100 years.

In the care of a succession of Ministers, the congregation of Anniesland Cross Church grew through the difficult periods of the two World Wars and the development of housing and the building of two churches in the adjacent area of Knightswood. By the time of the Jubilee in 1949, during the ministry of Rev Harry Thomson, the congregation had over 800 members.

In 1984 the congregation of Anniesland Cross Parish Church joined with that of  the adjacent Temple Parish Church in a union which was designated ‘Temple-Anniesland Parish Church’.